2022 Festival T-Shirts & Tanks


The 2022 Festival T-Shirt was designed by Salina native Hannah Gebhart, Des Moines, IA.

“Is That Funnel Cake?” is an on-edge quilling piece. Quilling is the art of using strips of paper that are cut and manipulated into shapes and then glued standing up, creating a dimensional piece of art. The t-shirt was a great opportunity to have a little bit of fun and create a piece that ties together so many of the fundamental elements of the Smoky Hill River Festival. The buffalo and meadowlark are images with a strong tie to the area, but what are they doing together? Are they chatting about the festival jam and performances happening throughout the weekend? Or maybe they’re getting excited about hitting a favorite food stand they’ve visited together for years.

The quilling design was transferred to the t-shirt design by using a unique CMYK screen print process. This process uses superfine, tightly woven mesh screens and 4 colors to create all of the colors and dimensions of the piece.