Each year, artists are selected to design the official Festival Print and the River Festival T-shirt.  These two artists create artwork inspired by the Smoky Hill River Festival’s mission, spirit, history, or place.

Festival Print

Smoky Hill Prairie Haunts by Rena Detrixhe

“Smoky Hill’s Prairie Haunts,”
by Rena Detrixhe

Detrixhe created the 2021 print by using grasses, forbs, and flowers collected from the prairie along the Smoky Hill River. The plants were dried and pressed, then arranged and delicately traced onto archival paper by dusting over them with powdered graphite using a soft brush, to render them in soft silhouette.  To Detrixhe, the plants and silhouette images represent the prairie and were collected from land very near the Smoky Hill River, evoking all it means to the River Festival.

Festival T-Shirt


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