Countless Music Experiences
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Performers on Eric Stein Stage

Eric Stein Stage

Enjoy a variety of energetic live performances with an eclectic mix featuring rock, jazz, funk, country, bluegrass, soul, hip hop, and more! Nationally touring artists and seasoned regional acts meet on the Smoky Hill River Festival main stages.

Drummer on Stage II

Stage II

Stage II is located in the center of the Fine Art and Craft Show – an ideal location for Festival-goers to shop AND listen to great music. Stage II features many of the same performers who play on the Eric Stein Stage but in a more intimate, relaxed setting, allowing them to connect closely with audiences. Look for special performances that only happen on Stage II.

Arty’s Stage

Music, dancing, interactive songs, imagination, laughter, and curiosity all come together under one tent designed specifically for the young and young at heart.



Roving Faries with child.


Experience spontaneous Festival excitement off-stage and all through the park as the Festival’s roving entertainers pop up in the most unexpected places! Is that a walking hedge? A clown blowing bubbles on stilts? Juggling unicyclists? Walking sculptures? A parade of puppets? A surprise drumming party? Yes – all of the above!

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