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The Festival Medallion Quest (FMQ) began as a way to bring families together and out into the landscape to celebrate the arts differently and encourage patronage of the exhibiting artists.​ Over the years, families have searched side by side, solved riddles, and endeavored to find the Medallion. The Quest has grown larger each year, and now you can actually feel the collective buzz in the air as the first day of the Quest draws close. It marks the official countdown to the River Festival.


All 2024 Festival Medallion clues revealed & explained.

  1. A timely institution. ——Sunset Elementary

2. Some are not spiked.—–Empty holes in ties

3. West of a wide path.—-West of Broadway

4. South of the King.—-Statue of Elvis, Spangles

5. Step, walk, step.—-Walkway between two stairs

6. A lowdown deal.—-Directs vision downward

7. Manta Plank.—-Manta=Skate, plank=board

8. Seas, bits, shooter.—-746, Friendship center address

9. Ancient Greek drink.—-Hemlock

10. Driveways to curbs.—-Driveways curbed over

11. One double nothing.—-100, centennial (park)

12. Near a landmark.—-Landmark Apostolic Church

13. A likeable conveyance.—-Friendship (center)


15. Tie border.—-Railroad ties border

16. A kind of bar.—-Rebar

17. A hole in a line.—–Look for a specific hole

18. Blue plus red cover.—-Purple dome, spray pad

19. Reach under, puh up.—-How to access the medallion

20. Doff the cap.—–Remove the cap

21. Five concrete trees.—-5 streets named for trees

22. Behind a smokehouse.—-Behind Hickory Hut

23. Indigenous gathering once.—-Indian Village

  • There will be clues released at 7:30 am and 4:30 pm daily on the Quest website,, beginning at 4:00 pm Wednesday, May 17, on the steps of the Smoky Hill Museum. The clues will also be posted outside the west doors (*8th St) at the Salina Arts & Humanities office on the corner of 8th and Iron Ave.
  • The clues may be general or specific in nature and may have to be rearranged to make sense. Clues will be released at the specified times listed above until the Medallion is found.
  • While the Medallion may blend in with the environment, absolutely no property destruction is necessary to solve the Quest.
  • See the CLUES link above to get started, and GOOD LUCK!
  • How will I know if I found the Medallion?
    The Medallion has clear instructions for contacting the River Festival to redeem the prize. Announcements will be made on the Quest website and social media once it is verified to have been found. A press conference will be held shortly after the winner has been verified.
  • $1000 cash
  • $2000 in Festival Art Bucks, to be used toward purchases from Festival artists
  • Four (4) Festival Weekend Wristbands
  • Four (4) Festival T-Shirts
  • One (1) on-grounds VIP Parking Pass (weather permitting)
  • Four (4) tickets to the Festival’s Art Patron Party on Thursday, June 13, 2024
  • You must be 18 years or older to claim the FMQ prize.
  • Winners understand and agree that they are responsible for any and all taxes incurred on prizes claimed.
  • No one person or family can win in consecutive years.
  • Proper photo identification (valid driver’s license, passport, or a state or military ID) is required to claim any prize.
  • All prizes are non-transferable. No cash substitution of any prize will be allowed.
  • As a condition of entry or participation, all participants acknowledge that Salina Arts & Humanities, the Salina Arts and Humanities Foundation, affiliated sponsors, and the media have the right to publicize, print, or broadcast the winner’s names, photos, personal interviews for promotional or news purposes.
  • The Medallion MUST be physically confirmed by the Quest Coordinator before a prize will be awarded.



All Quest clues and puzzles will be posted on the FMQ website, and physically posted outside the Eighth Street entrance to Salina Arts & Humanities, on the west side of the Smoky Hill Museum at 211 W. Iron Ave, Salina, KS.