Festival Jam

Thursday, 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m., Eric Stein Stage. It all begins with the amazing feat of the Festival Jam – 16 bands of every imaginable musical style, changing every 15 minutes. The Jam showcases regional and local entertainers in a quick-time format. Food vendors open their booths at 4:00 p.m. with a full menu of dazzling Festival fare. Start with the Jam and hang out until Sunday – there’s a lot more ahead! 

*Below Schedule is from 2019 Festival, updates coming Summer 2021

  • Thursday schedule
    6:00pm Rare Groove Pop/Smooth Jazz
    6:15pm Knew Rider Band Folk
    6:30pm Don Wagner & Friends Country
    6:45pm Everyday Lights Americana
    7:00pm Hey Radio Pop-Punk
    7:15pm Draper Family Band Variety
    7:30pm Common Ground Country/Southern Rock
    7:45pm Cheryl Rutz & The Lewis Street Soul Blues Rock
    8:00pm Strong Like Bull Rock
    8:15pm Northcutt Country
    8:30pm Mahan Blues/Rocke
    8:45pm Split Decision with Jaron Bell Country/Rock
    9:00pm The Paramount Band Rock
    9:15pm The Soul Preachers Rock
    9:30pm Steve Hanson & Co Classic Rock
    9:45pm The Blades Rockin' Horn Band