2022 Festival Print


By Hannah Gebhart
Multi-block linocut print

“Sun-Kissed” is a multi-block linocut print created by carving each color (yellow, blue, green, and black) on its own block and then printing the layers on top of each other. The festival print was inspired by the scenery of Central Kansas and how the natural elements connect to the Smoky Hill River Festival. Sunflowers radiate joy, positive energy, and good vibes – just like the River Festival. I absolutely loved going to Artyopolis as a kid. My parents would pretty much set me loose in that area of the festival and let me go wild.

Limited-edition commemorative Festival prints are available with a $100+ donation to the Smoky Hill River Festival. Full perks and donation opportunities can be found at https://www.riverfestival.com/support/#donate.

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